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BMW M740 LE i Performance G 12 Series Hybrid | 2017 – GCC | With Warranty & Service Contract

AED 259,000


Make, Model : BMW 7 Series
Price : AED 259,000
Date : July 1, 2022
Mileage : 42896 km
Condition : Pre-Owned
Cylinders : 4
Warranty : Yes
Year : 2017
Body Type : Sedan
Transmission : Automatic
Engine Power : 300 - 400 hp
Engine Type : Hybrid
Assembly : GCC Specs
Color : White
Insurance : On Registration


BMW M740 LE i Performance G 12 Series Hybrid | 2017 – GCC | With Warranty & Service Contract 

2017 Model | GCC Specs

42896 KM

“CarbonCore Edition” 

BMW 740LE hybrid car with Full Electric mode

variety of amazing features and 

options which includes but not 

limited to following:

– Free Agency Warranty Repair till 2023

–   Free Premium Service Contract 

until 2023

– very nice color, looks better than Pearl white

– sport Kit ( M power Kit)

– Seats Ventilation (Seats Cooling 

and Heating).

– Smart Drive Assistant, using AI, 

to keep the care in-lane.

– Adaptive Cruise Control.

– Gestures Control of media 


– Rear Entertainments Screens.

– Ambient Interior Light.

– Wireless Charging tray.

– Heads-up Display.

– 21” excellent condition new tires 

Run Flat.

– Remote Parking feature.

– Auto Parking Feature, where the

car can pick the park and make it 

by itself.

– 360 cameras for surround view, 

while reversing or parking.

– Smart Blind Points Indicators.

– Safety Distance Keeper, and 

adaptive cruise control to keep 

the safety distance as well.

– Two driving experience modes: 

Breathtaking SPORTS+ driving 

mode, and very economic efficient

(ECO PRO) driving mode without 

affecting performance!!

– iDrive, BMW Online, and Navigation.

– Soft Close Doors.

– Night Vision feature.

– Massage in front and back seats.

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